Commercial Fishermen of Santa Barbara, Inc. | 6 Harbor Way #155 | Santa Barbara, CA 93109

“Commercial Fishermen of Santa Barbara (CFSB) is a 501(c)(3) organization which integrates regional efforts of fishing communities with the aim of improving the economic and biological sustainability of fisheries.

We strive to create a new model for collaboration by connecting fishermen with each other and fishery scientists that will be based on mutual trust, respect and transparency. CFSB builds human capital to drive an effort towards developing a co-management approach which shares responsibility with government.

CFSB is currently working to refine goals of economic and scientific projects, establish resource monitoring protocols, implement effective stock assessment data collection, support socio-economic studies of the fisheries, and to continue to add value to the products and industry of the commercial fishermen of Santa Barbara while ensuring the sustainability of our resources.

CFSB aims to maintain California’s fishing heritage, to improve fisheries management if needed by pursuing innovative, practical, cooperative and regional management of fisheries, and to contribute to the improvement of ocean health.”

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